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Special Offers

50,000 LL

For 50,000 L.L/person you ...

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43,000 LL

With 43,000 L.L./person 28 ...

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33,000 LL

For an offer of 33,000 ...

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43,000 LL

A 43,000 L.L./person offer ...

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60,000 LL

For 60,000 L.L./person, ...

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Our Menu

Raw Habra

Raw Habra

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Fresh chicken liver ...

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Grilled Sliced Potato

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Grilled Meat

Grilled Meat

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Balilah Read More ...


Don't miss the delightful Msakaa that is made up of fried Read More ...

Grape Leave

Tender grape leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables make a Read More ...


Sensational aged cheese with tomatoes, onions and extra virgin Read More ...

Olive Salad

A fresh tantalizing salad with different yummy ingredients. Read More ...


Spicy mouhammara paste with warm pita wedges is of the best you Read More ...

Crab Salad

The tasty crab salad is a must with its delicious sauce on the Read More ...


Another traditional juicy salad that is a shame to miss. The Read More ...

Rocca Salad

A nutritious way to start your meal is to try the rocca salad Read More ...

Lebanese Salad

The traditional Lebanese salad is prepared with the most fresh Read More ...


A fresh dish of various vegetables that includes asparagus, Read More ...


The amazing traditional Tabbouleh is prepared with the finest Read More ...

Fried Kebeh

Delicious beef dumplings stuffed with ground beef, onions, and Read More ...

Fried Chicken Liver

Fresh chicken liver delicately fried with onions and garlic Read More ...

Meat Sambousek

Freshly prepared dough filled with ground beef, onions and pine Read More ...

Frog Legs

Don't miss the incredible fried frog legs prepared with garlic Read More ...

Fried Cheese Barak

This is the most amazing and delicious fried cheese barak you Read More ...


A mix of colorful peppers are fried with garlic and some Read More ...

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